Vanessa - The Show

Three Generations, Three Stories, One Family

Is anything more important than family? 

Vanessa is a middle aged  black woman on her way to her son’s wedding. A wedding to a middle class  white man she barely knows. The day will cause her to challenge what  she believes and will bring  her to a crossroads.  But there is more  than one side to a story, and as her grandmother Celia calls to her from  the past with surprising tales of her own, her son Andrew brings his  own perspective from the future.

We all want to be loved, we are inextricably linked through time and space - is anything more important than family?

Developing the show

This show was based on a true story of one person's struggle to get  their black family to come to their gay wedding.  We workshopped the show in  February, using spoken word, music poetry and stand up.  Told through  the eyes of three interlinked characters. Vanessa previewed at Eclectic  Bristol for Black Artists On The Move, Nottingham Playhouse AMPLIFY and  Wandsworth Arts Fringe Fragility Takeover at the Cat's Back before getting rave reviews at Brighton Fringe Festival in May.

The show goes to the Lion and Unicorn for the Camden Fringe Festival in August.



The show focuses on Vanessa, Andrew and Celia. Moving in and outof three characters with no costume changes or even a moment to catch her breath was a challenge for Sam. We brought in the formidable Lucy Jane Parkinson who tarred in JOAN and BULLISH to work on those transitions and characterisations.

The 3 characters tell us a different story about being black in an ever challenging world.

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