Sam Beckett Jr. - Artistic Director

Sam founded Purple Theatre to celebrate who we are without having to confine ourselves to labels that society is so keen to stamp us with.

At every step of our life we are asked to identify as male/female, black/white, straight/gay and so on... by schools, governments, employers and even down to your local dentist. 

Far from being a help, it can alienate whole sections of society with its generalisations of who we think we should be or who to identify with.

Is a race neutral or gender neutral society possible? Would it even be of benefit?

These questions and more will be raised through workshops, performance and community based interaction.

Sam is a producer whose passion lies in creating a thriving diverse theatre experience for all. Having worked in touring theatre for some years, Purple Theatre comes direct from Sam's lifelong ambition to make inclusive, entertaining theatre.

Creative Team

Purple Theatre are proud to be surrounded by some extraordinarily talented professionals including musicians, directors, writers, technicians, costume designers, choreographers, producers and actors. These people come together to make excellent work for each individual project and their help is invaluable and very much appreciated.

Our recent work has involved performing artists such as:

Aaron Anthony

Mia Johnson

Charlotte Barnes

We are proud to have support from:

Kit Lane

Tim Heywood

In Good Company

Derby Theatre