Sam Beckett Jr. - Artistic Director

Sam founded Purple Theatre to celebrate who we are without having to confine ourselves to labels that society is so keen to stamp us with.

At every step of our life we are asked to identify as male/female, black/white, straight/gay and so on... 

Sam is working towards starting conversations about how we identify as humans through performance and community based interaction.

Sam is a producer whose passion lies in creating a thriving diverse theatre experience for all. Having worked in touring theatre for some years, Purple Theatre comes direct from Sam's lifelong ambition to make inclusive, entertaining theatre.

Sam also acts, writes, directs and is a performance poet. She also runs a venue in the East Midlands.

Jim Kitson - Associate Director

Jim Kitson is an actor musician, writer and director from South  Wales. 

As an actor he has done seasons with the RSC, Shakespeare’s  Globe, and the National theatre. He’s worked for Punchdrunk and  Manchester Royal Exchange, appeared in the West End and performed  Shakespeare outdoors on three continents. 

He has written and directed  several acclaimed short films and full length plays as well as composing  much music and strongly believes that collaboration is the beating  heart of the theatre.

 He has developed and co-written both Boxes and  Vanessa with Sam Beckett Jr. and is co-director of both shows.