BOXES The Ethos

Boxes are everywhere.    

We can say who is black, who is white, who is male, who is female, who is straight, who is gay, who is a Christian,  who is English, who belongs where and what we should call them. 

Toni and TJ are brother and sister.   

They tick certain boxes; mixed race, dual national, GI babies. 

But who are they really? 

After their father dies, they are forced into a room together.

Suddenly their close proximity causes them to reveal groundshaking facts about themselves and their family.

The boxes they thought they fit nicely into are blown apart, leaving the audience to question their own preconceptions.

Using dialogue, live music, movement and film BOXES explores family, identity, race, and gender in the modern world.

BOXES Cast and Creatives

Cast in development are Charlotte Barnes, Aaron Anthony and Mia Johnson. 

Writer/Director Sam Beckett Jr. 

Technical Associate Kit Lane

Costume Associate Tim Heywood

Choreographer Fiona Ridge 

Supported by In Good Company from Derby Theatre.

Produced by Purple Theatre

BOXES The Show 2018/19

BOXES will be premiering at Brighton Fringe Festival May 30 to June 3 2018 at the Purple Playhouse Theatre..

Boxes is a proud recipient of the Brighton Fringe Bursary.

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